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Assetto Cossa Updates

in Themen 23.01.2015 09:56
von McQueenADMIN | 989 Beiträge | 2842 Punkte

- Fixed wrong impact speed calculation for car to car contact resulting in too much damage
- Fixed possible wrong grain calculations when tyre has no load
- Fixed car bottom not colliding with road
- Fixed bottom collision box for Mercedes SLS GT3, Lotus Evora GX and GTC, Ferrari 312T, Pagani Huayra
- Fixed wrong camber for remote cars on multiplayer

- Ruf CTR Yellowbird added
- Added /client_list and /kick_id server admin commands to ban drivers with international character names
- Fixed caret bliking period for text input boxes
- Disabled OculusVR demo mode
- Now blurred wheel objects work properly on car lods
- Added support for brake lights dimmed when car lights is on
- Server now correctly answer to launcher in LAN mode

- AI now brakes better in the pitlane
- Fixed problems with remote car colliders not properly turned off when disconnected
- Fixed DRS triggered from wheels
- More robust session status sync between server and clients
- Improved feedback to the kicked or disconnected user
- Improved car height calculation for a more uniform setup validation
- New Alfa Romeo Giuletta Q.V. 2014 Launch Edition
- Eliminated FFB vibration at 30kmh
- Updated tyre model for all cars
- Corrected bug in F40 old and street tyres
- Modifications on Lotus 98T and F.Abarth Aero map
- Modifications in engine brake on some cars
- Improved post processing effects
- New post processing effects
S2-B&W - HI
- New and improved photomode feature. Photomode activates from the replay User Interface
- New carbonfibre shader for cockpits of: bmw z4 gt3, bmw m3 gt2, Ferrari f40, Ferrari 599xx, Ferrari 458 gt2, ktm xbow, lotus evora gtc, lotus evora gtx, mclaren mp4-12, mclaren mp4-12 gt3, p4/5, tatuus
- Dirt layer optimization
- New skins for some cars, more to follow
- Small bug and fixes on trento bondone, magione, Spa Francorchamps
- Fmod project updated: no critical changes, just check volumes and envelopment for each event and mixer groups
- New sounds for Lotus Type 49, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 312T
- Audio latency level can now be set in the launcher: available options are Normal, Low and Very Low
- Fixed FMod bug in multiplayer mode causing FPS drops
- Fixed wind volume for both stereo and surround configurations (default value: 0.7)
- Fixed bodywork sound audible for some cars when standing still
- Improved exterior sounds spatialization for surround speakers configurations
- Improved and balanced gearshift, backfire and limiter sounds
- improved positional sound for surfaces
- Overall volume balance
- Other minor audio fixes and improvements
- Added cutscenes for some of the career series.
- Improved algorithm for AI level while racing should give closer racing
- Inverted steering wheels and negative camber corrected for multiplayer clients
- Multiplayer basic admin tools:
Added simple admin commands using the chat window. It is important to set the "ADMIN_PASSWORD" in the server_cfg.ini file, an empty ADMIN_PASSOWORD will disable admin commands.

/help: prints the list of the available commands
/admin: become administrator for the server. ex, if the password is "kunos" the command is "/admin kunos"
/next_session: moves to next session
/restart_session: restart the session
/kick: kick a user using the rules (blacklist etc) of the server. To kick a player named "The Player": /kick The Player

- GT2 and GT3 cars, F.Abarth, Exos and Exos S1, M3 E30 GrA and DTM have now the modified tyre model
- LaFerrari has modified active aero and tyre model
- BMW M3 E30 street car has modified tyres (all compounds) as an example of street tyres new model.
- GT2 and GT3 cars have now the "old" FFB gain settings in their physics. Obviously the min FFB slider still works on them too. Please try and report back
- Zonda R, Huayra, 599XX have now tyres that are more load sensitive and more speed sensitive. Laptimes should be slower. Please give feedback on driving feel. Keep in mind you're going to be slower, give it some time.
- Minimum FF force implemented. Can provoke STRONG vibrations in the center zone, use as low as possible!
- All cars have new FF gain values to eliminate FF clipping. You might need to raise your FF gain values on your configuration or add a bit of minimum. Advice 0.12 for logitech wheels, much lower for other wheels. Experiment and report on beta forums
- Difficulty level slider on career
- Much more laps possible on single player quick and weekend races when fuel consuption is off
- Added diffuser stall on low speed for tatuus formula Abarth.

1.0.10 RC
- Fixed excessive logging coming from mods accessing textures
- Audio latency level can now be set in the launcher: available options are Normal, Low and Very Low
- fix for FPS drops in multiplayer due to audio
- Fmod project updated: no critical changes, just check volumes and envelopment for each event and mixer groups
- fixed wind volume for both stereo and surround configurations (default value: 0.7)
- improved positional sound for surfaces
- overall volume balance

1.0.9 RC
- Correction of Lotus Exos 125 and Exos 125 S1 drivetrain bugs with differential at 90% and automatic clutch
- Fmod: update SDK project and pipeline document - MODDERS, UPDATE YOUR WORK PLEASE!
- improved distance attenuation for opponents
- fixed skid volume

1.0.8 RC
- Audio hotfix
- Fixed career intro issue

1.0.7 RC
- Updated FMOD project (SDK\Audio folder)
- Fixed Fmod error handle caused huge log file (and stuttering in some cases)
- Improved overall volume balance
- Fixed opponents volume and attenuation during gameplay. Situational awareness much improved
- Optimized average number of channels used in FMod with many opponents
- Balance adjustments on BMW Z4 GT3 performance
- Balance adjustments on Ferrari 458 GT2, Mercedes SLS GT3 and Formula Abarth fuel consumption
- Mercedes SLS GT3 Traction Control and ABS levels corrections

1.0.6 RC
- Launcher default theme: fix for opponent skin selection method
- Launcher default theme: fix for special event opponent level
- updated FMod project for modders (in SDK\Audio folder). Please use Fmod 1.05.03 - pipeline still WIP
- exposed MAX_CHANNELS parameter in assetto_corsa.ini. Lower to 32 ONLY IF you experience stuttering/missing audio during gameplay
- fixed missing backfires for some cars
- optimized FMod thread occupancy
- Lotus 98T qualifying turbo and engine rev damage balancing

1.0.5 RC
- fixed acServerLaunchers not serializing Tyre Blankets option
- Fixed "Force On" ABS and TC settings not working as expected
- (WAITING FOR CONFIRMED FIX) Fixed AIM telemetry not loading
- Fixed server not sending the right JSON and not showing up properly in LAN
- Fixed some problems with showroom rendering
- Time Attack : time stops while in pause
- Fixed engine sound missing when session starts (camera rotates around the car)

1.0.4 RC
- Fixed server not properly freeing slots leading to many "no slot available" messages
- known issue: engine sound missing when session starts (camera rotates around the car)
- fixed interior engine sound went muffled in the previous update
- fixed digital clicks coming from AI during fast coast/load transitions
- fixed sound clipping (tuned compressor when many cars are involved)
- fixed opponents distance attenuation
- fixed positional sounds for skids
- improved overall volume balance
- fixed some bodywork samples playing when still
- fixed some sample loops
- improved engine spatial position depending of real car engine position
- improved LaFerrari low freq for interior sounds

1.0.3 RC
- Triple screen rendering fixes
- Launcher default theme: server listing behavior change on server selection
- Launcher default theme: list now scrolls to selected server when server name clicked in detail panel
- updated Fmod 1.05.03 (some volume / fading sound issues may occur. Feedback is appreciated)
- fixed audio.ini missing opponents volume value
- fixed opponents volume and attenuation
- reworked distance attenuation management
- tweaked exterior reverb
- fixed wind volume curve
- fixed interior sounds spatial position (for surround configurations)
- fixed exterior sounds envelopment
- fixed surfaces sounds envelopment
- tweaked overall throttle crossfading
- fixed SLS idle sound and some crossfades
- overall volume balancing

1.0.2 RC
- Corrected KTM X BOW factory ABS setting to non enabled.
- Corrected fuel tank placement for Alfa Romeo Giulietta Q.V. 2013
- Corrected setup options for Alfa Romeo Giulietta Q.V. 2013
- Corrected Gearbox ratios for Alfa Romeo Giulietta Q.V. 2013
- Corrected flames position for Mercedes SLS AMG GT3

1.0.1 RC
- Fixed Oculus IPD reading
- Fixed missing grinding sound for Evora S and its variants
- Improved 458 GT2 exterior sound on high rpms
- Tweaked attack and release times for some sound events
- Disabled track-related reverb zones causing audio downmixing and panning issues

- Fixed 458 coast sound around 3k rpm
- More balanced interior volumes
- Tweaked track reverb zones for all tracks
- Balanced tractioncontrol_ext, backfire_ext and limiter volumes and distance attenuation
- Tuned compressor in order to prevent clipping with many cars and external views
- Lowered Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV and KTM exterior volume

- Fixed Shelby Cobra natural rpm reference for some samples
- Overall volume balancing (exteriors are now louder)
- Overall interior balancing (thanks for testers report)

- Deprecated files removed from sfx folders
- Added track reverb zones
- Balanced volume and distance attenuation for extra sounds (TC, skid, gearshift and so on)
- Fixed Traction Control always engaged in particular conditions
- TC and ABS factory settings now work properly
- Blistering generates slight vibrations on steering wheel

- New BMW Z4 GT3 exterior sound
- Tuned Ferrari 458 GT2 exterior sound
- Overall volume balancing
- Tuned distance filter and attenuation for exterior sounds
- Balanced performances for GT2 cars
- Engine damage implemented for all cars
- Lotus 49, Lotus 98T, Ferrari 312T have lower default rev limiters. Can go over 100% but damage may occur on higher revs
- Improvements on digital instruments cockpits for various cars

- added sounds for pitstop
- added sounds for tyre puncture
- added track reverb on modern Monza
- added different sounds for car to car, car to objects and car to track collisions
- fixed limiter/TC sound clicks
- overall volume balancing in order to prevent sounds compression (volume fluctuations)

- improvements on automatic gearbox on various cars
- more balancing on GT2 and GT3 cars
- various updates on tracks
- Built with FMod 1.05.02 (known issue - traction control and rev limiter events sound weird)
- New 458GT2 interior sound set
- Overall interior samples volume correction and balance
- Overall exterior samples volume correction
- Tuned wind and tyre rolling volumes and curves
- Tuned kerb pitch and volume according with speed
- Tuned ambience(crowd) volume
- Tuned interior and exterior gearshift sounds

- Steer animations for Ferrari 458 S3
- small fix on the front Pagani Zonda R tyres
- Aero map changes for GT3 and GT2 cars. (balancing performances)
- LOD4 for most of the cars
- LaFerrari final(?) physics

- modifications on driver position for F458 GT2, LaFerrari, Mercedes SLS GT3
- drivetrain damage for cars with H shifter gearboxes.
- suspension damage for all cars. to balance and verify
- changes to aeromaps for GT2 and GT3 cars.
- adjusted graining effects on exos, exos s1,
- traction control sound now works for all cars
- fixed horn sound distance (where available)
- fixed open/close doors sound

- BMW M3 E92 , S1 , Drift wheels and rims 3D pivots modification (check replays if they appear ok)
- BMW Z4, S1, Drift wheels and rims 3D pivots modification (check replays if they appear ok)
- Adjusted graining values for Lotus Exos and Exos S1 tyres
- Added tyre blankets under realism tab. The setting is global for all cars and pre heats tyres at 80 C

- Aero damage for F312T, L98T, Exos, Exos S1, Tatuus F.Abarth
- Pit stop fixes & improvements
- Built with FMOD

- Linear Career now available. Go to Options/General and enable Linear Career from UI modules
- Lotus Evora GTE Carbon
- Lotus Exige S
- Mercedes SLS AMG GT3
- Ferrari 458 GT2
- Ferrari LaFerrari
- Spa Francorchamps
- Silverstone National
- visual damages enabled
- New effects enabled, heat shimmering, god rays etc. Fine tuning will follow in the next updates
- new drivers
- fmod sound engine active for most original cars
- BMW Z4 GT3 aero balancing, rear wings stalls more on low values
- KTM blistering/graining bug corrected

- Steam Workshop manager added to sdk folder

- New TCP/UDP server

- All tyres have graining and blistering enabled
- All tyres have rim radius

- Improved motion blur
- Fixed multiplayer endrace with pause menu on
- General improvements
- Fixed editor animation export

- Allow the user to disable Python support changing ENABLE_PYTHON inside gameplay.ini

- Changed Vertex and Index Buffer handling

- Pause on/off is now in sync with physics thread

- Small fixes on graphics init

- Tune default Post Processing effect (fixes dark screen on default Post Processing settings)

- Default setup for GT3/GT2 cars are now a bit higher to avoid invalid setup. By rules, such cars must not go under 60mm ride height.

- Fixed Nurb. Sprint track map

- Race Rules are checked each time the user presses the button
- Fuel changes trigger Race Rules checking
- Slightly modified P4/5 Competizione default ride height

- Assetto Corsa does not crash on missing files and errors (enabled mods with errors again)
- Correction on alignment values on Mercedes SLS AMG setup screen
- Corrected Monza ideal line

- In-game apps must now be enabled in the game's launcher under Options > General
- Added new car Mercedes SLS
- Added new track Nurburgring Sprint
- Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects"
- AI modifications for Mercedes SLS AMG & McLaren MP4 12C street
- fixed drag race
- all cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware.
- Fixed multiplayer leaderboard logic
- Fixeg bugs in multiplayer GUI
- Overlay leaderboard implemented (Press F9 to cycle between 4 different modes)
- Fixed horn & lights in multiplayer
- Graphics & CPU Performance improvements
- Multiplayer Blacklist system improved
- Intro video at first launch, possible to disable it from options
- Replay Size reduced
- Replay frame interpolation improved
- Time Attack : fixed crash when trying to load open tracks & lap estimation formula improved
- Setup Force Feedback setting page improved
- ksEditor : notify when skinned mesh is imported with a wrong scale
- ksEditor : fixed IN/OUT camera normalized start-end position not rendering on spline during camera editing
- Fixed small random flashes during gameplay
- Added dedicated leaderboard APP
- Updated TAB key ingame leaderboard with a new look and functions
- Skidmarks start shape fixed and rendering is now faster
- Python apps can be enabled / disabled from the launcher
- Fixed bug "return to pits and lap counting in some special cases"
- Added Python camera control
- Fixed tyres jittering at low speeds
- Fixed missing wheels when AI car brake its engine and goes to pits
- Physics related rules : now cars must respect their defined set of rules in order to run on the track
- Track cameras now place the car in the middle of the screen
- Post Process App selector : fixed loading of default ppEffects.ini
- AI improvements
- Improved Drag AI
- Skidmarks are now disabled when setting World Detail to minimum
- Dynamic track randomness now less pronounced

- Fixed Drag Race init

- Python :: exposed getCarsCount(), getCarLeaderboardPosition( carIndex ) , getCarRealTimeLeaderboardPosition( carIndex )
- Now fonts are read locally and not inside system folder

- Graphics performance improvements
- Fixed PP FXAA
- Improvements on Font management
- Linux server in server folder

- GUI fixes
- Replay now records the sun position
- Fixed replay and Esc Menu interactions

- Fixed skidmarks not visible in 0.21.8
- Implemented GPU profiler with new PP engine

- RaceControl Leaderboard Fixes
- Mirror Aspect Ratio Fixed
- General fixes on multiplayer GUI
- White border on skidmarks fixed
- Size of the sun reduced
- Reduced noise for analogic input
- Driver's name is printed higher respect to the center of the car

- Launcher: control configuration device acquisition exception handling
- Launcher default theme: minor cosmetic changes to labels

- New Race Control
- Server is now in control of fuel rate
- Server is now in control of tyre rate
- Server is now in control of damage level
- AI does not flatshift cars with no autocutoff anymore
- Added "transfer" grip from session to session
- AI cars now try to park on the side if they have a broken engine

- Launcher: control configuration now includes assignment option for the newly implemented handbrake as axis (note: mutually exclusive with the button assignment)

- Improved communication with X360 GamePad
- Added password support for pickup servers
- Improved Server Configurator
- Server will now stop with an error if a booking session is added in pickup mode
- Server will now stop with an error if cars in the entry list do not match the legal car entries in the server_cfg
- Server will now stop with an error if multiple tracks are selected in pickup mode (unsupported feature)
- Server will now correctly report to race lobby about the available seats in pickup mode

- Launcher default theme: adjustments to multiplayer session info/request buttons

- Adjusted Traction Control assist on Lotus 98T
- Added app "post process filter" to switch between different Post Processing effects combinations
- Adjusted Lotus Evora S side windows

- Lotus 98T ride height adjustments added
- Launcher default theme: adjustments to car listing of non-booking servers

- Multiplayer Improvements : New server version available
- Multiplayer Gameplay improvements
- New Post Processing Effects engine implemented
- Implemented booking-less server joining
- Physical Dynamic track implemented
- Aerodynamic slipstream on multiplayer
- Shader fixes and improvements
- Time Attack fixed start with too much time
- Fixed AI starting at the same time in qualify
- AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection
- New Car : Lotus 98T
- lotus elise sc, exige 240R, scura, exige s roadster speedometers corrections
- changes in speedometers visualization depending on UI options and car design
- Tyre damping modifications for all cars
- Ideal Line improvements
- Improved Python Apps error handling on loading
- Dynamic wing controller now use setup value as initial angle value.
- Localization fixes
- Time Difference displayer improved
- Fixed camera triple screen & driver names
- Fixes in Replay for cars with animated suspensions
- Fixed "You have been sent to pits" issue
- GUI forms default position not overlapping with system messages anymore & GUI Improvements
- Showroom updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
- ksEditor updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
- Per-Car New setup option to customize Force Feedback
- Disabled AI in multiplayer events
- Replay size reduced by half
- Fixed crew placement in multiplayer events
- Virtual mirror remembers its last state & virtual mirror improvements on triple screen cfg
- Fixed mirror rendering bug
- Adjustable brake balance while driving, for cars that support the feature
- Adjustable brake balance in the physics brakes.ini file
- Brake balance working with all the control configurations
- Fixed wrong time reported after Booking

- Launcher: Added KERS, DRS to control configuration screen.
- Launcher: Window now scales based on DPI of active monitor.
- Launcher default theme: Car & track listings now always default to the page containing the player's selection.
- Launcher default theme: Custom grids are now sortable via mouse drag'n'drop.

- TEMPLATE_CAR_demo_V1.fbx now included in sdk/dev/car-pipeline-v1.03 . Template will be updated again next week with better example
- McLaren MP4 12C GT3 corrected RPM leds in cockpit
- Comments for obsolete section in physics files.

- Launcher: further stability fixes for triple-screen setups
- Launcher: launcher render size limit slider (useful for triple-screen setups) in Options > General

- Launcher: stability fixes for triple-screen setups.

- Fixed wings animations in replay
- Frequencies and damping ratio work for front monoshock
- Dynamic wing controller now uses setup value as initial angle value
- Shaders normal map improvements
- KS Suspension editor. A simple editor for your suspension.ini file that gives some additional data
- KS Gear Ratio editor. A simple editor that creates gear ratios from cogs

- Launcher: optimizations for ultra high resolution and triple screen setups
- Launcher: GPU memory usage limit
- Fixed no collisions in multiplayer

- New setting enables forms to overlap ingame
- Fix to some cars in showroom
- Fixed debug apps
- Improved log messages for easier debug
- Improvements in skybox rendering inside the cubemap
- Addedd penalty in time attack for going too slow
- Fixed Time Attack spawn position in some track
- Added Formula K car with open physics as a template car for modders (found inside folder sdk/dev)
- Added open tyre physics files from all AC cars (found inside folder sdk/dev/tyres_ac) as examples
- BMW Z4 GT3 performance balance (slightly faster)
- Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige 240r
- Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Corrected disappearing cockpit on M3 E92
- Corrected wrong proportions on Ferrari 458 mirrors
- Corrected internal glasses on lotus GTC and GX
- Fixed Python lap count
- Increased Setup bar animation speed
- Fixed error for laptimes > 99:59:999
- New Shared Memory Layout (update your application!) example on
- Fixed non-ascii symbols on Setup Tab
- Fixed time left showed in Basic App during practice solo session

- Launcher now operates in single process mode
- Launcher: full software-only rendering mode added
- Launcher: further refinements for the steam overlay integration (requires GPU accelerated mode)
- Default launcher theme: errors while loading cars and tracks will not result in a failed load attempt, instead a list of problematic content will be displayed

- Fixed acServer Linux builds

- Fixed showroom crash
- Launcher: fixes for certain situations that could cause a crash on startup
- Launcher: error trapping for the control configuration dialog
- Default launcher theme: restored the upgrade icon in summary

- Editor released and available as a tool for everyone
- acServer bugfixing
- Physics & time-related fixes
- Fixed AI setup loading
- Setup Debug follows the currently focused car

- Launcher: changes for better Steam overlay integration
- Launcher: fixes for certain situations that could cause a crash on exit.

- Fix for certain condition that causes the launcher to hang on theme load.

- Added Python example for Ingame chat

- Default launcher theme: Fix for the missing track selection images
- Default launcher theme: Fix for potential results module initialization error

- SERVER UPDATED : using a new protocol, please update your servers
- Chat anti-flood
- Anti-cheating system implemented
- Kick user, Restart session, Skip session voting system implemented
- Chat python functions exposed
- Multiplayer Collisions improvements
- Some CPU performance improvements
- UI improvements
- Race control panel in pits menu
- AI Fixes
- Added "display recently joined servers" filter to server list
- Default launcher theme: extra sanitization for URI-unfriendly characters in content folder paths

- Fixed issue that prevented the refresh & ping buttons from being re-enabled.
- Added a fallback server in case main lobby server is inaccessible to client.
- Default launcher theme: yet another attempt at fixing the car modal overlay not displaying properly on very high resolution monitors.
- Server message overlays will now close when clicked.

- Even longer timeout value for retrieving the server list
- Added detailed logging for connection problems to the lobby server

- Default launcher theme: fixed the opponent selection being inactive which was introduced in an earlier update
- Default launcher theme: potential fix for the car modal overlay not displaying properly on very high resolution monitors.

- Fixes and optimizations for the server list interface
- Fix for an issue preventing the control configuration wizard from starting in some configs

- CPU performance enhancements on loading

- Fixed restart in single player races

- Fixed ingame GUI keyboard
- Improved multiplayer collisions
- Fixed AI Race fuel evaluation

- Fixed cockpit camera movement in instant replays
- Fixed drag racing AI

- Server list now warns you for servers that are configured for a client number that exceeds the pitboxes of a given track

- Fixed single session race start in pits

- Launcher multiplayer screen: even higher leniency towards timeouts

- Launcher: less intensive pinging
- Launcher: higher timeout threshold when loading server list

- Launcher filter options added

- Multiplayer public release

- Multiplayer join/rejoin fixes

- Multiplayer added guards on enter

- Multiplayer removed threads in UDPCommunication client side

- Multiplayer added more debug info

- Better on enter handle

- Fixed Manual Shifter on start

- Multiplayer on online session start fixes

- Multiplayer bug fixes & endrace

- New Mp debug info

- Multiplayer fixes

- Multiplayer

- Fixed Race weekend output
- Improved AI
- Improved AI Fuel evaluation
- Fixed FF vibration with stationary car (Mclaren GT3)
- Graphics optimizations

- Default launcher theme: fixed lap number for special events not updating
- Default launcher theme: various UI element placement adjustments

- Race Weekend
- AI improvements
- Fuel lap prediction
- Improved mouse with ingame gui
- Gui fixes and improvements
- Animations on secondary elements of the track
- Enable/disable keyboard commands with wheel or gamepad
- Skybox graphical improvements
- Tweaked kerbs volume
- Lotus Evora GTC
- Lotus Evora GX
- Default launcher theme: opponent name (pseudo)randomized if not available in ui_skin.json or already in grid

- Default launcher theme: split display settings to tabs
- Default launcher theme: enabled race weekend
- Default launcher theme: fuel consumption setting determines maximum race laps

- Default launcher theme: previously set number of laps are restored after the game is relaunched
- Launcher: stricter user folder .ini file reformatting and clean up on init
- KTM X-Bow: tweaked extra sounds (tyre squeal, wind, turbo)

- Default launcher theme: results screen will not automatically display if no laps were outputed by the sim
- Default launcher theme: starting position display for special event quickraces updated in summary
- Controls configuration: allow sharing of buttons between sequential gears and h-shifter in manual assignment
- Clouds culling improved

- Minor launcher X360 controller options fixed
- Oculus rift Skybox fixed

- Lotus Exige 240
- Ferrari 312T F1
- Revised AI behavior
- Collisions performance improvements
- New sky box with clouds
- Fixed gui issue with spinner
- Improved x360 controller support at low speed
- Fixed gearshift sound on BMW M3 e92 Drift
- Improved rearview mirrors & added more rendering options in the launcher
- Default launcher theme: opponent skins are randomized from all available skins
- Default launcher theme: opponent setups are now set on a per-track basis
- Launcher: control configuration's Xbox360 section revised
- Fixed end race chart display bug

- Default launcher theme: Fixed an issue with assist level naming defaulting to "custom"
- Default launcher theme: Added option for toggling the setting of assists based on controller settings
- Default launcher theme: Added the option to clear the car preview cache and reload the UI

- Fixed Drag race starting issue
- Added debouncing MS delay for paddle shifter
- Added custom starting position

- Further reductions to the launcher's physical RAM usage while the simulator is active.
- Huayra steering wheel lock to lock modification
- Huayra collision boxes adjustments
- Updates and fixes on new skins of BMW 1M S3 and BMW M3 E30 Drift
- Huayra fixed rims orientation
- Collision fixes
- End race report fixes

- Pagani Huayra new car (turbo related sounds still wip)
- TC now does not engadge until a car specific speed when launching from stand still
- Aero fixes for Lotus Exos T125, corrects nose up excessive top speed
- Option for player selective collisions. A small workaround until we properly fix the AI. Collisions only occur around a small distance from the player. All other cars do not collide, limiting CPU occupation
- Fixed replay audio bug
- Fixed GUI on some apps
- Fixed race output
- New APP :: Track Description
- New APP :: Real Time X360 car controls debug
- Damage OFF option
- Fixed some glitches in mirror rendering
- Improved CPU performance on Monza
- Reduced launcher RAM and VRAM consumption while the simulator is active.
- Added French translation.
- Collision fixes at Monza and Silverstone gp
- Physical mesh at Silverstone gp more detailed.
- Fixed Concrete size at S-Schumacher, Nurburgring GP
- The launcher now keeps a rotating backup store of the local database (found in Documents\Assetto Corsa\launcherdata\backups)

- Default Exos setup now has maximum fuel for longer AI races.
- Some minor improvements in Lotus Exos AI
- Improvements on Nurburgring GP AI line for all cars
- Lotus Exos 125 hand gearshift animations
- Traction Control steps for Lotus Exos 125
- Improved downshift revs matching
- Fixed setup differential step on Lotus Exos 125
- Slight modifications on the range of the Lotus Exos 125' rebound dampers
- Default launcher theme: Fixed an issue with personal best times not being saved under certain conditions
- Default launcher theme: Control post-configuration check for required assists (e.g. activate autoclutch when no clutch assigned, etc)
- Added rotation limit option for in-game steering wheel.

- Minor launcher theme tweaks (text positioning in results panel).
- Fixed an issue with axis & button assignments for control configuration.

- New car Lotus Exos 125
- New upgrade Lotus Exos 125 S1
- New track Nurburgring GP
- Less noisy bodywork sound for GT cars
- Fixed hotlap penalties always on
- Friends Leaderboard :: filters lap for hotlap mode
- Some performance improvements
- Replay size reduced by 25%
- Gui now restoring hidden apps on exit
- Fixed Gui issues on apps
- Fixed smoke issues on replay
- Tuned low-level settings for smoke
- Fixed time attack start
- Some texture update for Autodromo di Monza
- Anticipated pit limiter when entering pitlane for Silverstone and Silverstone International race circuits
- "New" badge in UI cars thumbnails
- New "special tags" filtering. When you select a player car, the AI opponents selection is now suggesting similar cars. You can of course dismiss the special tag and choose more
- New "add visible" and "clear grid" buttons in custom opponents panel UI
- Launcher theme optimizations.
- Personal best lap is now recorded if penalties are off - steam achievements and online leaderboard times are not.

- Fixed old replays engine sound
- Launcher :: fixed small issues
- Audio : fixed low volume in a file

- Oculus Rift improvements
- High fov on single screen (>80 degrees) rendering fix
- Car physics & apps fixes
- Balanced opponents volume
- Some ranking fixes
- fixed closing AC while a replay was playing after a race
- Replay performance improvements
- Fixed real time position on restart
- Best lap is kept when restarting session
- Fixed look back on replay
- Engine smoke when damaged
- Engine damage (not balanced yet)
- McLaren MP4-12C GT3
- Upgrade BMW 1M Stage 3
- Upgrade Lotus Evora Stage 2
- Ferrari 599XX Aero center of pressure adjusted
- Ferrari 599XX improved cockpit view and adjusted bonnet cam
- Small aero improvements on BMW Z4 GT3, M3 GT2 and P4/5 Competizione
- New overboost function BMW Z4 Drift (keys 1-0 for 10% to 100% turbo boost. 80% default)
- Engine damage when turbo overboost is over 80% on cars that support it
- Engine damage from overreving the enging (i.e. downshifts)
- Steam friends leaderboard & Friends Leaderboard app for hotlap, drift & time attack

- Improved collisions detection & AI response
- Cpu warning is the same for all the languages
- Fixed somke on replay exit
- Drift mode :: minimum bonus seconds
- Difference displayer now display the difference on total time
- some gui fix

- Look back fixed for some cars
- Removed time parameter in replay.ini
- No more need to attach race.ini or race_out.json since they are printed in log
- Improved collisions with ground
- Small optimizations in collision boxes on some cars
- LOD fixes for Ferrari F40 to improve framerates

- All cars AI enabled
- All tracks AI enabled
- Improvements on track AI lines
- UI quickraces enabled
- Added theme module management interface (see Options/General)
- Fixed position indicator changing in proximity to the finish line
- First lap time in races starts when the starting lights are off
- On screen time difference : (On/Off switch)
- mesh collider system and terrain collision boxes
- Reworked collision stiffness
- Penalty system On/Off switch
- Hide steer option
- Smoke rendering in mirrors improved (also On/Off switch)
- Look back buttons implemented
- fixed some gui issues in endrace mode
- Winning an achievement in special events unlocks the lower achievements
- Fixed ambience sound volume
- Improved positional audio for opponents when driving in cockpit or F1 cameras
- Fixed opponents overall engine volume
- Fixed distance scale volume for opponents engines and related extra sounds (skids, backfires etc...)
- Fixed backfires exterior volume
- Maximum exterior engine volume is 1.0 to prevent sample clipping and/or distorsion
- Lotus Evora GTE physics bug fixes and updates
- KTM X-Bow R aero modifications and setup fixes

- Fixed BMW 1M setup 0 pressure values
- Added options for adjusting smoke rendering

- Removed penalty system in race special events
- Fixed session over leaderboard
- Fixed session result post session
- Added more slipstream
- AI acts less superhuman after collisions
- Replay memory limit slider increased to 500mb
- Added missing skins for BMW M3 grA
- Modifications on collisions boxes of very low cars.

- fixed opponents engine volume typo

- opponents engine volume tuned
- fixed Golden Glory achievements
- fixed replay race loading

- End Race simulation
- New Race special events
- Session Ranking app fixes
- Driver Names displayer
- Proximity Indicator & damage displayer follow GUI
- Small GUI fixes
- Special events have pre-determinate parameters such as Temperature
- Warning for high CPU occupancy
- Real time position
- Steam Achievement fixes
- fixed suspension animator in replay
- chase camera shake parameters exposed in launcher
- Modifications on tyre model combined forces grip. Tyres more sensitive in combined forces, cars more sensitive under braking and acceleration. Resulting in use of traction control more interesting even on racing cars
- Modifications on tyres heating modelling.
- BMW Z4 35is drift upgrade
- BMW M3 E30 group.A is now the early model with less power and no ABS plus chassis modifications and 5 speed gearbox
- BMW M3 E30 DTM version is now an upgrade to the early model and retains only the 6 speed gearboxes.
- BMW 1M series
- Lotus Evora GTE
- Modifications on Ferrari F40 suspension toe links
- Modifications on Tatuus FA01 aerodynamic drag.
- BMW Z4 35is toe fixes and tyre compound fixes
- Pagani Zonda R ABS levels
- Laptimes have now 1ms resolution
- Ferrari 599XX Evo default alignment setup modified to cure over-sensitive steering.

- Control config: removed TAB key from exclusion list
- Control config: fixed an issue that prevented binding of secondary controls to certain keys

- Fixed rear ARB setup screen for BMW M3 E30 Group A
- Modified FFB values for F40 (fixes steer oscillation on straight line)
- Fixed hotlap penalties
- Fixed steam interface interaction with mouse hiding
- Fixed Drag Race car moving ahead on restart
- Fixed crash after loading car for players with long nickNames

Early Access 0.4

- New car BMW M3 E30 Group A
- New car BMW Z4 GT3
- New car Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione
- New car Ferrari F40
- New track Autodromo di Monza
- New bonus track Drag race 1000m and 400m
- Upgrade Ferrari 458 S3
- Upgrade Ferrari F40 S3
- Modifications on fuel consume of cars with turbo engines
- Modifications on the engine rev limiter of BMW M3 E92 Drift
- Modifications on Tatuus FA01 setup packer range
- New Special Events Mode with medals and achievements implemented
- Shared memory struct updated
- Drag Race mode implemented
- Camera on board :: resets far plane
- Replay :: fixed leaderboard app in replay mode
- Fixed triple screen change gear animations going too fast
- Improved all change gear animations
- Screen capture (F8) allows to select screenshot between PNG,JPG,BMP
- Time Attack checkpoints hidden in replays
- Mouse steering implemented
- Fixed Triple Screen in Track cameras (F3)
- Fixed large replay loading
- Camera Random (F2) improvements
- Fixed Tyre Tester app in replay mode


Early Access 0.3.2
- Fixed lingering launcher process under certain exiting conditions
- More descriptive launcher startup problem descriptions when setting up user folders
- Added a check for restoring fullscreen launcher windows on triple screen setups on session end

Early Access 0.3.1
- Fixed McLaren MP4-12C toe settings and values on setup screen
- Centered cockpit on McLaren MP4-12C
- Fixed McLaren MP4-12C RPM dial range of motion
- Fixed setup values errors in the Lotus 2-11
- Modifications on Abarth 500 front headlights
- Tweaked wind noise for open cars
- Throttle map modifications for all cars
- Corrected Lotus Exige Roadster Semiautomatic gearbox ratios
- More UI content translated in Russian
- Removed redundant messages from log to improve performances

Early Access 0.3

- Added McLaren Mp4 12c
- Added Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Added Lotus Evora S
- Added Abarth 500 SS Step1
- Added BMW M3 E30 Drift (engine swap)
- Added Lotus Elise SC Step1
- Added Lotus Elise SC Step2
- Fixed Setup bugs in P4/5 Competizione
- Adjusted setup values in Lotus 2-11
- Fixed single first click bug in setup sliders
- Adjusted engine brake in Abarth 500 SS
- Adjusted street and semislick tyres overheating grip
- BMW M3 E30 and E92 drift cars have now damper settings on their setup
- Added Silverstone GP track
- Added Vallelunga Club track
- Fixed broken right side on OculusVR
- Improved reflection shading
- Implemented save setup on exit
- Python now has its own log : py_log.txt
- Added saturation control
- In game telemetry :: fixed seconday bugs
- Python :: added isAcLive method to know if the simulation is active or not
- Fixed showroom triple screen central view bug
- X360 gamepad steer speed exposed
- Track cameras improved
- Drift mode :: fixed reverse gear drifting
- Replay length setting exposed
- Fixed circular replay
- Fixed backfire flames on non-hdr rendering
- New shared memory implementation 1.0 (Physics, Graphic thread and static info)
- Tyre wear rate is now honoring Realism settings
- Fuel consumption is now honoring Realism settings
- Improved BMW M3 e92 (all variants) interior and exterior sounds
- Added exterior gear shift sounds
- Tweaked tyre scrub pitch variation for some cars
- Added damper adjustments in Lotus 2-11 and Scura
- Adjusted engine brake in Lotus 4 cylinder engines
- Fixed bugs with Toe setup values in Tatuus FA01
- Added Chinese & Russian localizations ( Work in Progress )
- Added camera shake & g-force effect view options
- Added XBOX360 gamepad steering speed option
- Added new event hooks for loading external launcher modules (loadModules & beforeLoadModules)
- Fixed various minor layout problems in launcher default theme
- Fixed Drift mode end session
- Fixed unlockable achievements
- Fixed replay interface animation
- Fixed long output logs on system timer drift detection
- Fixed auto shifter (ctrl+g) for wheel [now requestedCarIndex is reset when shifter is not active]
- Fixed achievements on replay
- Fixed time attack penalty on restart

Early Access 0.2.1
- Fixed the PB grid being unresponsive
- Fixed the framerate limit slider not being polite to keyboard input
- Tweaked Pagani Zonda R interior engine volume on load
- Tweaked P4/5 Competizione bodywork volume and interior engine volume on load
- Added version display on launcher intro
- Added changelog display inside launcher (Options/General/View update log)
- Added more verbose logging for launcher thread activity
- Made modal dialog content scrollable

Early Access 0.2

- Achievement, stats fixed and updated, you can read them using SteamStatisticsReader
- Added Pagani Zonda R
- Added P4/5 Competizione Scuderia Cameron-Glickenhaus
- Added Lotus 2 Eleven
- Added Mugello Circuit
- Added Drift Track
- Added M3 E30 Step 1 upgrade
- Added M3 E92 Step 1 upgrade
- Added M3 E92 Drift upgrade
- Added Z4 35is Step 1 upgrade
- Updated M3 E30 power curve
- Updated tyre model for all cars
- Updated tyre wear for slicks tyres
- Updated Lotus 49 default setup to suit better monza 66 track
- Fixed TC not working after change of tyre compound
- Implemented non linear speedometer (BMW M3 E92)
- acs.exe Localization now reads from INIReaderW, localization files updated
- problems related to windows user names with strange characters solved
- update showroom & showroom localization
- x360 rumble intensity multiplier
- new drift mode, it is based on score and time not laps
- sectors status in time transponder is reset after each lap
- Driver Eyes Positioner is Default app (localization added)
- Fixed replay loading with cars (wing problem)
- Fixed replay GUI (slider)
- Fixed turbo still producing boost even after fuel went zero
- Better engine coast at near minimum rpm, no need half gas to move the needle anymore
- Implemented "FF Enhancements"
- Improved AA algorithm selection
- New gamma curves for power and coast audio samples
- Reverb effect removed
- New default volumes preset
- Engine volume tweaked for all cars
- Backfire samples tweaked for all cars (that have them)
- Rumble strip, tyre rolling, tyre scrubs and wind samples tweaked
- BMW M3 e30 interior sounds improved
- BMW M3 e30 fixed missing gearshift sounds
- BMW M3 GT2 interior and exterior sounds improved
- Tatuus FA01 interior sounds improved
- KTM X-Bow interior sounds improved
- Ferrari 458 Italia overall engine pitch tweaked
- Lotus 49 interior sounds improved
- Lotus Elise SC and Scura engine and compressor volume levels tweaked
- Control presets support added in control config
- Launcher defaults to software rendering mode - option added for GPU acceleration
- Added localization for german and spanish languages
- Added extra options for control configuration of FFB, Xbox360 pads and keyboard
- Added support and UI selection for car upgrades
- Added selection for showrooms
- Added drift mode selection
- Added drift session results display
- Fix for possible crash in certain control configuration timing (device permissions revoked during control binding)
- Replay saving button will now work when returning from a session to a modal view of the session results.
- Exiting from scrollable content window will now center properly.
- Car info modal window scales for lower vertical resolution screens.
- PB grid now supports deleting entries and starts from a zoomed-out state.
- Added a zoom toggle button to the PB grid.
- Ghostcar toggling fixed.
- Warning for dual gpu users added when the launcher has been set to start with a discrete GPU.
- Stricter thread and file permission checking.
- Potential fix for flickering of modal windows in some setups.
- Potential fix for a startup deadlock situation.
- Game-related newsfeed now displays news items inside the launcher added an unread item notification.

Early Access 0.1.2 - update 1

- Added visual studio dll and pdb to override suspicious failing installs
- Tweaked default audio levels

Early Access 0.1.2

- Improved Force Feedback by removing redundant traffic
- Default FF rate is back to maximum
- Fixed autoclutch not fast enough to act as antistall when stopping the car in first gear
- Fixed problem when loading replays
- Added a change log :)

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